Tommy Gunn, the son of Canadian saxman, Sonny Del-Rio, was born in Hamilton, Canada. He began listening to music at an early age and, with all the different musicians coming and going, his home became a perfect learning ground and had a heavy influenece on him. Songwriting came naturally and before long, Tommy began putting together bands and soon garnered the attention of music industry insiders which led to the making of his first CD, Unleash the Hounds.
title: Unleash the Hounds

You Were Right For Me

Life Is Easy
produced by Sonny Del Rio
recorded at A Cellar Full of Noise
by Georgie Fab
mixed at A Cellar Full of Noise
by L. Stu Young
mastered at Jukasa Studios
by Nick Blagona
drums Dave Kovacs
Jeff Grasley (No Justice)
Jack Pedler (Hounds of Hamilton)
bass Neil Nicafor
Bobby John (No Justice)
Mitch Mansfield (Hounds of Hamilton)
guitar Mark Gimball
Johnny Stone (Hounds of Hamilton)
sax Sonny Del Rio
piano Kelly Jay
bongos Paul Panchezack
backing vocals Byng Bell's Ordinaires
Tom Wilson (Hounds of Hamilton)
narration on
Hounds of Hamilton
Kelly Jay

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