This anthem to our armed forces is a rockin' little record produced and recorded by Georgie Fab and L. Stu Young at The Metal Works studio in Mississauga, Canada, and features a Who's-Who of Canadian singer / songwriters. Written by Jason Simpson, Georgie Fab, Sonny Del-Rio, Lighthouse founder, Skip Prokop, and enhanced by the 80-piece St. Michael's School Choir of Hamilton, Canada, "Canadian Heroes" helps put into perspective the value of our armed service men and women.

One Falls Apart
The Players
Gord Lewis
Steve Marshall
Jack Pedler
Jack de Keyzer
Jesse O'Brien
Georgie Fab
Steve Negus
Carlo DiBattista
guitar - Teenage Head
bass - Teenage Head
drums - Teenage Head
lead guitar - JUNO Award winner
keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
percussion - JUNO Award winner

Vocals in order of appearance
Brain Melo
Tom Wilsoon
Jeff Madden
Skip Prokop
Dan Clancy
Ian Thomas
Dave Rave
Smilin' Joe Allain
Sonny Del-Rio
Jay Simpson
St. Michael's School CHoir (Hamilton)
vocals - Canadian IDOL winner
vocals - 2 time JUNO Award winner
vocals - The Jersey Boys - Toronto
vocals - 4 time JUNO Award winner
vocals - Lighthouse
vocals - JUNO Award winner
backing vocals - JUNO & Grammy Award nominee
choir Director & backing vocals
backing vocals
backing vocals
backing vocals

produced by:
engineered & mixed by:
assisted by:
choir recorded at:
choir recorded by:
vocal & instrumental overdubs recorded at:
mastered by:
Georgie Fab & L. Stu Young
L. Stu Young at The Metal Works, Toronto, Canada
Kevin Dietz, Wayne Cochcrane, Lake Curry
Catherine North Studio, Hamilton, Canada
Dan Achen - JUNO Award winner, Duke Foster, Michael Chambers
A Cellar Full of Noise, Hamilton, Canada by Georgie Fab
Nick Blagona at The Metal Works, Toronto, Canada

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